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Acceptance of Terms of Use
The use of this website www.pim -pam - ​​pum.es , hereinafter PIMPAMPUM is completely voluntary and implies full acceptance of who has access to it , on, the User of all General Conditions of Use applicable at all times that are in this direction, so the user must read and accept without any reservations the present LEGAL NOTICE before making any transaction , viewing , use, etc. . with this website.
The User agrees not to use the website or its services and content in a manner contrary to the provisions of the current legislation. PIMPAMPUM reserves the right to withdraw access to this website, without prior notice, to any User who violates the provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Use
PIMPAMPUM reserves the right to modify at any time these Terms and Conditions of Use and any other general or , use regulations or warnings that may apply. It reserves the right to modify at any time the presentation , configuration and location of the Web Site and the contents and the conditions required for its use.
Terms and conditions
 In compliance with Law 34 /2002 of July 11 , Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, and other applicable regulations , PIMPAMPUM reports:
Capacity to contract
The user must have capacity to contract under its national law. This page is intended for adults. PIMPAMPUM can not be responsible for purchases made by minors without the consent of their parents or guardians. To hire , you must read and accept these conditions.
From the moment you purchase any product are accepting these terms and conditions as the completion and submission of the order form is considered acceptance of the terms of the contract , without, in any case, be considered commercial proposition. This document can be printed and stored .
Any questions submitted to it on these terms , please contact us using the following email :
atencion.cliente@pim-pam-pum.es .
Object of the contract
The contract is for the sale of products and services. The features of these are reflected in the relevant pages of this site as well as the particularities of each operation you can perform in this environment.
Conditions of Access and Use
The user undertakes not to use the website and the services offered therein for activities contrary to the law and respect at all times the general conditions . Are prohibited any act that violates the law. PIMPAMPUM may, at any time access to your site if it detects a purpose contrary to law, good faith or these general conditions.
PIMPAMPUM reserves the right to modify at any time the content of your website.
Privacy Policy
PIMPAMPUM compliant rules established in Law 15/ 1999 on Protection of Personal Data , Data Protection Act, and other legislation that develops .
At the outset, it becomes clear that for access to certain information and content , the user must first register as such, must accept as established in the same manner , in accordance with the Data Protection Act , the processing of personal data , to be incorporated into our file.
PIMPAMPUM agrees to remove personal data when no longer necessary or relevant for the purpose for which it was collected through the form provided for that purpose and to respond to requests for information made by the user , with the controller PIMPAMPUM .
Furthermore the Users use of cookies to gather information and perform statistical analysis on use of our website reporting . PIMPAMPUM The cookies used are anonymous and do not refer to the User's personal data and can be accessed through the same data to the hard disk of the user. User identity is never inserted directly into the cookie and therefore can not identify .
The protocol is a stateless protocol , which means that it lacks the means to relate information concerning a request to another prior or subsequent request. This protocol does not know the person you are sending a page or how many pages you have been able to send, even though we have a few seconds before sparsely connected , as each page request is processed independently .
PIMPAMPUM not guarantee the continued availability of the products being exonerated from any liability for any damages due to unavailability due to force majeure or fault of their own mistakes.
PIMPAMPUM offers you the ability to pay by credit card, paypal or by bank transfer. All these systems offer maximum security. The bank has the securing means necessary to identify possible errors in the information provided to make payment by card.
PIMPAMPUM disclaims any responsibility if access or visits to your website will be impossible or difficult due to a breakdown or defective provision of electricity , telephone or other telecommunications providers outside PIMPAMPUM supply or in the case of social conflicts occur or other cases of force majeure , or any actions of third parties , including the requirements or judicial or administrative orders , sabotage or saturation, whether intentional or not.
PIMPAMPUM not guarantee the availability and continuity of the Web Site and is not responsible for any damage caused or likely to occur in the future, or technical defects , whatever their nature, derived from the use of information and materials contained in the web PIMPAMPUM .
Any liability for damages that may occur to the visitor on their computer or telematic means of production as a result of any of the circumstances outlined above also declines.
Within the limits established by law, PIMPAMPUM assumes no liability for the lack of updating and accuracy of the data or information contained in their Internet sites .
Provider Identification
The supplier of the goods or services contracted by the user is PIMPAMPUM .
Delivery of orders
Delivery of orders will make PIMPAMPUM on their own or through a transport agency designated by it. Orders are delivered to the address designated by the purchaser along with the printed text provided by it in the appropriate form , therefore PIMPAMPUM not responsible if delivery can not be made as a result of the information provided is inaccurate or incomplete or if delivery can not be effected by the absence of the recipient. Without limiting the foregoing , PIMPAMPUM adopt the measures required a diligent trader for delivery can be made as soon as possible , to the satisfaction of both the sender and the recipient. Deliveries in government agencies and in places where there are restrictions on access to the general public , PIMPAMPUM not guarantee that it is made directly to the recipient , being executed the order and released from liability when the order is made ​​available recipient at the reception or place that makes the times of access control.
PIMPAMPUM guarantee delivery of orders in due time in the corresponding section of the website. On Saturdays and Sundays there is no collection service and delivery orders , a fact which must be taken into account in the calculation of deadlines. In periods when special circumstances (dates such as Christmas , transport strikes, extraordinary events ... ) , shipments may be delayed .
PIMPAMPUM not guarantee delivery at specific hours . If the buyer specifies a certain delivery date, or within , a preference for a particular time slot , it is understood that a guideline only . PIMPAMPUM shall communicate that fact to the carrier , as far as possible, to conform to this indication, assume any other obligation or liability .
Price and term of validity of the offer
Prices shown below each product include VAT at the checkout shipping costs that are specified for your order and area are added. Prices and conditions that appear on the site are valid for the time and speak only in open session . In order confirmation details are clearly specified rates each of the selected items , the delivery charge which will apply to the operation and promotions or discounts ( if any) that apply .
The invoice will accompany the products ordered . Any questions regarding your order , simply write to:
Information and Consultation
Any questions regarding your order, on the characteristics of the products we offer or if you want to communicate any queries or complaints please write to :
atencion.cliente@pim-pam-pum.es .
Right of withdrawal
You may cancel your order at any time provided that the state is not in "Process" . In case you have already paid your order but is not yet in "Process" , the amount will be refunded by the same method you made ​​the payment . To cancel an order you must provide your order number via e- mail to clientes@pim-pam-pum.es from the same email address with which you registered in our shop or order which efectuase .
The Act establishes the Retail Trade as repayment period 7 days after delivery of the order to the consumer.
To make the return will be required that both the product and its packaging are in perfect condition . You should be aware that the cost of such return is at your own ( under current rules ) .
To return a product you must first notify clientes@pim-pam-pum.es email the following details :
- Name and e- mail with which efectuo purchase.
- Number and date of order.
- Products purchased and price.
- Reason for return .
We shall review your request and will e -mail the instructions so you can make the return smoothly. After receiving and checking the status of the product process the refund using the same payment method you used . The payment will be made within 15 days of the acceptance of the return .
Intellectual Property Rights and other rights
You acknowledge and agree that the elements and intellectual , industrial or other property (including without limitation any copyright , patents , trademarks, designs , photographs, images and source codes ) Related web www.pim -pam - ​​pum.es to which you can access the exclusive property of pIMPAMPUM . User shall not , directly or indirectly , copy, modify , alter, publish, communicate , distribute, sell or transfer any material on this platform or source code , or the performed , in whole or in part, without the written permission of pIMPAMPUM . Also programming and website design are protected by copyright , prohibited any reproduction , communication, distribution and processing elements protected unless express consent PIMPAMPUM .
Governing Law and Forum
These Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with Spanish legislation on matters not expressly stated. The parties, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, subject , except in cases where it is not legally permitted, to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Badajoz ( Spain ) and superiors User expressly waiving any other jurisdiction , to resolve any issues that may arise in connection therewith .
All contents of this website and the domain name www.pim -pam - ​​pum.es are registered and belong to PIMPAMPUM